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As a parent we often end up second guessing ourselves. Was that right, should I have done that? There's rarely certainty when it comes to parenting. I know this from my own experience as a parent but also because I've spent many years treating babies and children and advising their parents on what's the best way forward

That's why we created this website - to pass on to a wider audience the wealth of practical knowledge gained during those years. 

The internet is full of advice on parenting, but you'll find that this site is different, different in the information it gives, which is based on what's worked over many years and for many many babies and children. And different in it's delivery via in depth articles and videos showing you what to do. 

So take a load off and have a look around.  If you want to get to know us a little better click on the about us page.

Baby Stretching Program for Parents

This video course is a worldwide first and is a great new way to learn about your baby and help them with the "BIG SIX" problems that I most commonly treat in my clinic, and yes  baby not SLEEPING  is definitely one of the six!

And if you're saturated with baby books and blogs, this will be a great way to learn this new and refreshing approach to maximising babies health.  

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Children And Computers

Check out these short videos which give you practical and helpful advise on childrens posture when using screens and devices.

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